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Hello first and foremost I would like to thank you for visiting my website.

I am London based illustrator.

It hasn't been always like this, I initially studied at The College of North West London to do an NVQ in Automotive Body Repair and Paint Spraying where I achieved an outstanding pass rate. I went on to work in this field for various different companies over a period five years, however I always felt creatively unfulfilled.

My passion has been art from an early age,

in fact for as long as I can remember so it seemed the only way for me to develop was to take a huge chance, go back to study and work towards a career in what I love.

Within my art I like to draw on both classical and contemporary styles. 

I am influenced by the great masters along with genres such as fantastic realism and this is shown in my work through the use of metalpoint sketches, ink and computer software. 

People form a basis for my work which is generally figurative.

About me

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